Into 2015


Just brought the blog back on line to share some random thoughts. It’ll be back offline within a month or so. Hello India! Goodbye internet!

Man on the moon. Cognitive dissonance seems to be on the up. Looks like it’s surpassed pre 9/11 levels. It seems that the average truther on the street has given up and gone home to watch net porn with a box of tissues and a bag of chips. Moon on the man? This is interesting:

After that get some popcorn and re-watch Capricorn One.

Icke is apparently going to be doing some new seminars in 2015. They will be 72 hours long with no water or toast. According to Icke refreshments are unnecessary, as peace and love are more than enough to get you through the three day brain bashing.

Talking of shillbots, this is interesting too:

It’s funny how American’s view anyone with a half decent English accent as ‘articulate’. Kubrick’s daughter makes some very good points… and yes, she can speak ‘proper’ English, erm, like some English people. Everybody else should probably start learning Chinese. Even in Texas.


Sugar is ruling your life. Addictive behaviour starts and ends with processed (unnatural) sugar. ΔFosB or Delta FosB is not a fantastic new speaker system for your car. I know it sounds that way but hear me out. Delta FosB is a brain chemical that is pretty much responsible for the beginning of all addictive behaviour. (Once the addiction has begun, I think it all gets a bit more complicated). Sugar kickstarts this chemical, and that in turn opens a person up to many different types of addiction or addictive behaviour. Not to mention the initial sugar addiction itself. Want a challenge for 2015? Try to eliminate processed sugar from your diet. It’s not easy! The good and friendly food companies have to date managed to put processed sugar into EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. I think the only realistic way to beat it is to just eat fruit and veg and only natural (?) things. If you really have to have something sweet, use honey. The mainstream bods say that honey is a sugar and blah blah blah. Honey is natural. Processed sugar is not. Google sugar and the opium wars. The two are as connected as Hollywood and anorexic women. Nestle very kindly shove tons of sugar into their baby milk powders. ADHD my arse.

Talking of anorexia. My Pro Ana, or mpa. WTF? This shit is getting ridiculous. Men, are you not even slightly concerned that women with breasts are becoming as rare as good comedy?

Why is good comedy disappearing? It seems to me that tptb want this new world to be as unfunny and grey as possible. Grey? Flightradar24. Asthma? Aluminium anyone? I love the way people are so ready to bury their heads when you tell them to look up!

“No, haha, no, it’s not a chemtrail, it’s just condensation blah blah blah, yeah cos I watched it on the Discovery Channel, yeah blah blah blah”

Fuck off and die in a hole. And don’t forget to get some Ventolin before you do.


Men, solve two problems with one hit. Red Clover. Fixes your angry wife/girlfriend and helps her breasts to start growing. Google BPA and click past all the mainstream shit until you find out the real deal. If anyone tells you BPA is safe, then ask someone why baby bottles are normally always BPA free. BPA = Fake estrogen = Angry women with no tits.


Man on the moon. So, the truthers are all masturbating. Is there anyone left out there not masturbating?

I think not. So it’s business as usual for tptb. I salute everyone that has left there home country in the hope of finding a job. Economic migrants. Where do all those young Spanish and Italian people go? How many waiters does the world really need? At least they don’t turn up asking for free accommodation and a nothing but a copy of the Quran in their back pockets. Keep an eye on Germany, they won’t let them protest for too long. I put my money on a poor Muslim ‘victim’ false flag. Like a Stephen Lawrence for Germany. (For those of you not from the UK, Stephen Lawrence was a worthless drug dealer that got stabbed and then ran past twenty phone boxes and didn’t think to stop and phone an ambulance). Sorry! I forgot. Britain is a racist country full of Nazi bastards.


I guess new truthers on the net are probably the unemployed. Before they cut off your internet for non payment of your bill, here are some free tips for the job seeking truther:

  • Your friends that have jobs don’t give a fuck about all this ‘new’ information you’ve discovered. 9/11 was and inside job, if it wasn’t, demolition companies would be saving a fortune on expensive explosives and electronic equipment. They’d just pour some kerosene over the building, light a match and bugger off down to the nearest pub. Stop watching Loose Change over and over again.
  • People are not interested in the “truth”. Are they still watching celebrities on TV? Yes. Are they still watching 22 millionaires kick a ball around? Yes. Are they still brushing their teeth with poisonous toothpaste? Yes. Deodorant with Aluminium? Yes. Do they give a hoot about all this fantastic stuff you now know? NO. They don’t give a shit about the FED or central banks. Save your breath, save your time and energy, leave them be. You are on your own.
  • As I’ve tried to point out many times, if people actually stopped and realised that they can very easily beat the system by helping each other, there could be a real chance for us to start changing things. The problem is this: You the jobless truthseeker, will (hopefully) get a job one day. When that day comes  you will turn your thoughts to everyday things that you used to consider normal. You’ll start thinking about buying that new car, that holiday in Rome, etc, etc. You will be accepted back by all your friends, they will stop calling you John the loser or John the conspiracy tin hat nutter. You’ll re-join the system just as quickly as you left it. Finally, forget the bits about ‘satanic worship’. It’s a load of old bollocks. Why does every conspiracy page that mentions the Rothschilds also mention some kind of way out horse shit about Satan and goat sex? It’s just there to make you feel scared. As I’ve said before, the people that really rule the world have been there for a very long time. So long in fact, that they will never need to reveal their true identities, and they certainly wouldn’t willingly give up intimate information about their daily habits and lives. They could worship Kermit the fucking frog for all we know.


That just leaves the very tiny minority of us here that know about the Indian cotton farmers that commit suicide at the rate of one every 30 minutes. They protest the evil WTO. Nothing changes. I wish people would stop overusing this ‘change’ as a noun bullshit. It really makes my skin crawl. The only ‘change’ you can believe in is that as the years go by there will be less and less of us so called truthseekers left.

We do know that tptb will spend decades patiently waiting for a plan or event to come to fruition. I would suggest that we take a leaf or two from their notebooks and do the same. You can pass on knowledge to your children. Your children can pass on that information etc, etc. I think it’s is the only way to overcome this seemingly unstoppable onslaught. Colloidal Silver is effective against any biological attack. If you don’t know how to make your own, learn, fast. Always test the silver you buy for purity. I guess the chemtrails are the most worrying thing after ebolie testing in Africa. Asthma is becoming a massive problem all over the world. Brilliant for the big pharma profits mind you. Literally making a killing.


Is anyone buying seeds? When I get time I want to start my own collection. How does one know whether the seeds in the garden shop are non GM or not? Since GM is now so widespread, does it matter? (contamination).

The internet has given us so much. But I fear it is now starting to take back the good that it initially offered.


Does using a computer everyday count as an addiction / addictive behaviour?


More random thoughts to come next week.



Scratch & Sniff!! Know Your Ganja!–but-do-you-know-what-it-smells-like-8541954.html


Yes we would like to be the first to thank Crimestoppers, for far too long people in rural areas have been mercilessly ripped off by the notorious tractor driving wanabee gansters, selling low grade marijuana to unsuspecting bumpkin stoners, or ‘boners’ as they are more commonly known. Many boners lick and stick a big fat juicy one, hoping to get reasonably mashed, only to realise moments later that what they actually bought was not top grade hybrid. What they have inadvertently purchased is more commonly known as Portsmouth Poop:







Crimestoppers today announced plans to tackle this ever growing problem by distributing millions of  ‘scratch & sniff’ cards to rural homes all over the country. The cards give potential boner victims the chance to take a good strong whiff of some good strong legitimate Super Skunk. Crimestoppers hope that this will lead to a dramatic decrease in sales of bogus bags of poop, thus restoring law and order in rural areas once and for all. As you can see in the picture below, the new cards already seem to be having a massive impact in the rural town of Bell End in Worcestershire:





That’s what we like to see!

Well done Crimestoppers!


Keep smoking!







Shill World Order

As Victor would say “I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!”

I was just searching for someone out there, someone who might have written something interesting, because I had literally lost the will to write anything myself.

And do you know what I stumbled across. A big fat pile of steaming SHILL SHIT. I originally criticised Peter Eyre, for writing such an enormous piece of unreadable turd. Fair play, he posted my comment. Me being me, I eventually calmed down, and lessened my tone to a more apologetic stance. Then, after my last comment, one of his other readers posted “how can we stop it”

(I guess meaning something along the lines of stopping the so called ‘NWO’)

And the shill wanker posted this:

The process has already started but it will take time…….first you cut off their main source of funding and stop their access to the World’s Collateral Accounts and the associated Gold Bullion…….that has now been done…….now waiting for the next round of meetings to see how the rest of the cabal can be stopped etc……for our part all we can do is educate and spread the word around…..Peter

Apathy machine in action! Don’t worry people, all we can do is spread some words around.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, just in case someone out there might be paying attention. Anyone who promotes APATHY, is most definitely being paid by TPTB. Apathy is their favourite control toy! They love it!

Because the end result is that we get so confused and frustrated, we just give up and go and jack off or watch some bullshit TV series. Eyre seems to cater for the really feeble minded truther, the truther that will accept

now waiting for the next round of meetings to see how the rest of the cabal can be stopped etc


Yeah, I’m Peter Eyre, and yeah I’m just about to make another wanky wankfest youtube video, and yeah, we’re just waiting for the next round of meetings, to see how the rest of the cabal can be stopped. Yeah, right on. I’m a freedom fighter. Yeah, the next round of meetings yeah. 


So who exactly has been stopped? What did I miss here? Who has had their main source of income cut off?

“That has now been done”



So let me get this straight Mr Shill cunt Eyre, someone somewhere is apparently about to have some meetings about stopping the rest of the ‘cabal’. So who exactly has been stopped? What the fuck are the “World’s Collateral Accounts”??? Who has had their access to Gold Bullion cut off? The Rothschild’s?? They have so much gold that they don’t even bother to set the world price of gold anymore. They could have continued doing it until the end of time. But nah, one beautiful day they just said “yeah, we don’t really need to  bother to set the price anymore, when we’ve already got most of the damn gold anyway”

So erm, yeah. Who exactly has started this so called process?

I am just lost for words.

Are there any people out there with a brain that still functions??

 I really wish I had a fucking punch bag right now, because I would punch the living fuck out of it. 

I can’t wait to see what Shill bag cunt bandit fuck face Eyre will come back with. 

Here’s what I’m gonna do. If you found this page because you are seeking information or you think you know about 9/11, wherever you come from, wherever you are, here is all that any so called TRUTHER needs to know:


Go back to sleep! You shambling, faceless, zombie bastards!

It’s so nice to finally see some blatant honesty creeping through from the elite’s favourite mouthpiece.

“And this is what zombies represent. It’s the fear that you as an individual are not a person but just one of a shambling, faceless crowd, no different than those around you. Of course, the real horror is that for most people this is true”

Well, I was actually just checking up on flu articles. And I found zombies… nice. Why am I checking up on flu articles?

I’ve been keeping an eye out for something just like this:

Flu season could be a bad one, health officials say

Health officials are urging people to get their flu shots now, including babies older than six months, and all adults and children.

The 2012 end of the world mob will be having a field day with these for sure. I’m just waiting for their new realisation;

“Oh, oh wait, December 21st is actually the start of the end of the world, not the actual day it will end on…. ahhhh you see, that’s what they meant”

Now be a good citizen and get down to your nearest clinic for your zombie jab.

Flu vaccine effectiveness exaggerated, scientists claim

The flu vaccine millions of people receive each year in Britain is “over-hyped” and “over-promoted”, scientists have claimed.

No really? And there I was thinking that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. How disappointing!

Every year a World Health Organisation expert group decides which three strains of flu should be contained in the seasonal vaccine against the illness, with the aim of providing the best match to the strains predicted to be in circulation.

No surely not! The WHO making crucial decisions regarding health, for the entire planet? That doesn’t sound at all like the work of a One World Government; “Eenie meenie miny mo, let’s have piggy, bird and zombie strains this year!”


I’m not at all worried about any type of flu. You shouldn’t be either. Read earlier posts on this site regarding how to easily beat flu.

I have started to think that maybe Prince Philip was right when he said he wanted to be reincarnated as a killer virus. There’s no hope for the useless eaters. They frustrate me and annoy me. If they can’t see that we are all slaves, regardless of how many fancy cars one might own, then what really is the point of their existence? I sincerely hope that the cull starts soon. The only people that would be left after such an apocalyptic event, are the ones that figured out that ‘flu’ is nothing to worry about if treated with the proper nutrients.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for the 21st!

Merry cullness, and a genocidal new year!